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International Cover Band 

THE INSANES, five musicians and friends, burst on the scene in 1997 while MBA students at INSEAD in France.  Originating from 4 different countries they are stylistically various and carry a storied history of musical talent and paths -- from a studio musician, a visceral punk guitarist, a country crooner, an a cappella singer to a serial cover band junkie.  The group found their own groove while jammin out to legendary and timeless Rock 'n’ Roll classics and smash hits that define generations.

Genres include Classic Rock, Alternative, Grunge, Blues and even a little Country

-- from the groovy 60s, funky 70s, hairband 80s, alternative 90s to the experimental 21st century -- with each musician bringing their own artistic depth while staying true to the sounds of the original artists they play.  Their ever-expanding songbook remains internationally recognized and diverse and is guaranteed to get the audience out on the dance floor. 

They are a tight knit band having reunited across the globe for over 20 years entertaining family, friends, and locals with their rocking rhythms and electric guitar riffs -- they've even garnered a world wide cult following with their alma matter -- packing every venue they’ve played and raising money for charity in the process.  Who knew decades later they would still be jammin out from one continent to another all the while pursuing the corporate, entrepreneurial, NGO and VC life. These Execs were born to Rock! 

This summer the INSANES will strap on the guitars, pick up the sticks and grab the microphones in London!  If it’s rock radio favorites your craving then plan on an insanely fun night with THE INSANES!  They remain truly dedicated to putting on a great show to please the audience.  Their talent and experience guarantees every event is fun and seamless from setup to performance.  If you would like more information about the INSANES please contact us.


2002 Aussie Bar, France

2006 Toronto, Ca

2007 Fontainebleau, France

2008 Montrouge, France

2009 Hven, Sweden

2010 Woodside, California

2011 Houston, Texas

2012 London, England

2013 Budapest, Hungary

2014 Working on our materials :)

2015 Singapore

2016 Woodstock, NY (TBD)

2017 Fontainebleau, France

2018 Houston, Texas

2019 London, England

2021 Steamboat Springs, CO

2022 Fontainebleau, France


My Sharona_SWC 2022

My Sharona_SWC 2022
My Sharona_SWC 2022
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My Sharona_SWC 2022

2022 INSEAD Reunion - Paris
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2022 INSEAD Reunion - Paris

Hey Bulldog
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